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Cheap rugs online need not be ugly, old fashion and gloomy but on the contrary. There is so much choice nowadays and it is never ending with huge choice in colours, designs, quality, sizes and styles.

If you want to add a rug to your interior but do not want to break the bank, you can find quality cheap rugs online at The Rug World. The Rug World has a great selection of attractive and high quality affordable rugs. Take a look at some of the budget rugs we offer.

Top 5 Cheap Rugs Online:

  • Diamond – 080x140 & 67x225 cm available in black, brown, beige, red. View the product here.
  • Marrakesh – 060x105, 060x220, 080x150, 120x170, 140x140, 160x220, 180x270, 280x270, 240x330 cm available in light green, dark green, red, black, beige, brown. View the product here.
  • Florence – 60x230, 80x150, 120x170, 160x230, 200x290 cm available in grey, beige, blue. View the product here.
  • Element Lancaster – 60x220, 80x150, 120x160, 180x250, 220x320 cm available in beige, red, navy. View the product here.
  • Element Canterbury – 60x220, 160x220, 120x160, 80x150 cm available in red/black, grey/black, purple/black, green/brown. View the product here.

All of our collections are high quality, on-trend, and will stand up to wear and tear over a long period of time. To see more cheap rugs available online at The Rug World, click here.